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CareerDesk 100% Scholarship Test

DATE : 11-14-2017

Civil Services exams are one of the toughest to crack down in our India education system. These exams are truly a gateway for aspirants to be or play a part of building blocks of success  in our Nation’s Development.  Most students have the potential to realize this dream all they lack is proper guidance and mentoring. Career Desk with its Annual Scholarship program which has been our flagship program for past many years. Career Desk accurately creates a test paper for all the candidates to recognize the true potential which can be used to help our nation by adding another responsible officer in her ranks.

Career Desk has been one of the pioneers in successfully coaching students in Navi Mumbai. Thus we realize how important it is for the students to be provided with the right guidance and visionary mentoring. CD scholarship has been a legacy which has helped many students all over Navi Mumbai to achieve successful careers in UPSC/MPSC.

This year following are the specifications of the Scholarship test:

Date – 19/11/2017

Slots –There are two slots available

i.                     11:00 hrs

ii.                   15:00 hrs

You can even avail 100% scholarship based on your scores. Please find below the score to schlolarship details-

1.       57+                  =  100% Scholarship

2.       48-56              =    75%  Scholarship

3.       35-47              =    50%  Scholarship

4.       15-34              =     25% Scholarship

Don’t worry if you are not in vicinity of any of our coaching centers the test will span on online format too, where your scholarship will be used for our online courses. So weather it’s a classroom program or an online program your potential once recognized won’t go wasted thamks to our vast reach over all formats of learning.

To give the scholarship you need to register on our site please visit at careerdesk.in/scholarship.php.       A minimum of Rs 100 is required.


DATE : 02-20-2018


DATE : 01-28-2018

IB ACIO 2017

DATE : 08-17-2017


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